probably not, the trip is not until the 15th, no point of bothering myself with packing now. I’ll probably worry about that at like 1AM on the 15th. Anyhow, I am not excited for the trip just yet; it just feels so far away. I’ll probably get excited the day before, won’t be able the sleep at all and go through customs with the consciousness of a zombie. Good news though, no Final Destination 1 type nightmares, so I’m not worried about the flight over. I’ve been thinking of books to bring for the flight, or incase flash rain storms or whatever. I have an entire stack of Cormac McCarthy books I want to get through, but probably won’t because I’ll be too busy building houses and having fun. So I thought I might as well get something on Katrina, a book that covers pre, during and post Katrina. But the selection at Indigo is scanty and I didn’t want to judge the books by their jackets alone so I’m on Amazon looking at customer reviews. If anyone is willing to endorse any books on the subject, I’m all ears. Oh and I’ve also been wondering what the reaction down there is on the gulf oil spill. I am also kind of apprehensive about going, not about the class or New Orleans or what we are going to do there, but because this is my last class and then I’m the graduate. I’ll have my diploma in the fall and then I don’t know what happens next, but one thing is definite, this field course is a great way to end university. It might be premature to say this, but I don’t think I’m going to remember any of my other classes this year aside from this one.

Although I won’t be excited for the trip until I cross the border, I am excited about building houses. I was just thinking about that today, checking out the TV guide for time slots of Holmes on Homes, if the name doesn’t ring a bell this might So anyways I’m trying catch an episode to see if I can get some tips on building a house, or on how to use a hammer in a way where I won’t break any fingers. I’m also trying to find the special where he went to work on a house on the lower 9th ward with Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation (more on that here Any tips at this point would help since the last thing I built was a tiny racecar in elementary school for a school derby where students built and raced the toy cars we built. Although my racecar looked awesome, the first prize went to another child with the most cunning design; he put wheels on a brick and his car sprinted from the ramp, winning first place. Anyhow I’m wandering away from the subject. What I was thinking about today was that one of the most rewarding things about building a house is that, that’s going to be someone’s home. Someone is going to be living there, have family dinners, birthdays and have people over for the holidays. See you all on the 15th.


Onur Yilmaz