Today was our second day of work at St. Mary’s school of Angels, everyone worked really hard and we got the job done. The highlight of the day was the closing of the dumpster and taking pictures on with the AmeriCorps people while sitting in the rubble in the dumpster. I am definitely impressed with myself because I came to New Orleans with absolutely no experience in demolition and I gained a lot from the past 2 days from everyone in the group. I am really excited to go to our next project where we might be working with insulation I’d really like to gain experience and maybe put it on my resume  some day. Besides work I am really loving New Orleans, the people are nice, friendly and appreciative of Canadians coming to help there city. I’d definitely like to visit again after the two weeks and to see the progress of projects we helped with.  Lastly, the food we had at jay gumbo’s was absolutely amazing and was very fulling, i’ve always wanted to taste jambalaya, and it was good. Anyways, i am absolutely tired so i’m going to stop writing and probably go to bed, Good Night Y’all!!!

~Mercy Nyarkoh 🙂