Today was great. We went to a gentleman’s house who has been renovating it on his own with minimal assistance from volunteers. This name is probably in his 70’s whose wife is living in Memphis with their daughter and will not come home until the house is completed. He is a very sweet and appreciative man. Our task today was to paint the exterior of his house. Once the trim was done we opened the container off paint and we all looked at each other and thought “really.” It was orange. Once we started to roll it on, we all changed our minds and thought this really looks good. We took the gentleman out for lunch and after we turned onto the street we all cheered as we have transformed this house into a home. the colour was perfect and the gentleman said that he hardly recognized his own house. This day will be remember for the longest time because he have touched someones life and have taken on less project off of his to-do list. We than took him out so he could buy a camera so he could take a picture of us with his newly painted house. We all had tears in our eyes as we hugged him to say good-bye and we watched him as we walked away and wiped the tears from his own eyes. This one simple project has touched is heart forever and I am forever greatly that I could be a part of that.