The countdown begins!!!!

My very first airplane flight and it will be to New Orleans. Prior to going on this trip, the films and documentary that we watch in class were very overwhelming. Going to a neighbouring country and seeing the devastation and destruction that a natural disaster has done was somewhat difficult. Therefore the progress to rebuild the city of New Orleans that I have witnessed on film is definitely going to be a challenge. In essence, I am extremely excited to visit New Orleans because of its history and the culture that its citizens have created. With all the news and press coverage of hurricane Katarina, it will be an astonishing experience to help rebuild homes and a portion of the city. While down there, I look forward to the swamp tour and the construction of a home because I have never done anything like it. Despite all the turmoil this city has faced, i look forward to the positivity of the residents of New Orleans because they have a reputation of being friendly individuals especially to Torontonians.