I have to say this New Orleans trip has been great so far. I have learned so much from those around me and I feel I am being challenged in many different ways. From the stories of the homeowners putting their life in context and making you reconsider your thoughts of the deep affects of the outcome of the hurricane. Also  I came on this trip thinking that I would be building homes for families that are the most disenfranchised in the city, but I am doing way more than that. I am helping in the therapy of the people whom have faced obstacle over obstacle, by listening to their stories whom they have told hundreds of times, I am helping in making it one day closer in bring a family home and I am partaking in the rebuilding of the fabrics of communities. 

I have to be honest, the many steps of rebuilding a home which may of had 10-14 feet of water inside of it, takes patience, commitment, and hard work. The lifting of debris, the demo of walls, the installation, the killing of mold  and the dry-walling are to say a few. The work takes hours, days, months, sweat and tears to complete. But at the end you know you gave it your all, you committed yourself and challenged yourself and those around you to be better and grow. I have to say my days are more productive while being on this trip because there are new goals, new tasks and new responsibilities each day to execute. There is a plan and a focus. I work very well in a goal driven timeline, I am realizing there is more than enough time in a day to execute many tasks, you just have to commit yourself to them. I aim to make more of my time and try to make a difference each day because while in New Orleans it’s more than possible, I just have to commit myself. 

The trip is almost over, but I know that I am aiming to capture the memories, the teachings and the new bonds… as the time dwindles sown in Louisiana 

Jerome “Jai” Morgan