Hey Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!

SO i am a little late with the blog but that’s okay!!!!! I love it here it in New Orleans πŸ™‚

Honestly i love the culture, the music, the people. The all around atmosphere has an amazing vibe. It really makes me think of back home and how different it is going to be.

My experiences on the work-site are clearly rewarding, i like getting new experiences and i am always up for exciting challenges to gain more knowledge. I want to take a moment to thank Pascal and Tanya for being amazing and accommodating.

I am having so much fun with everyone here and it is such an rewarding time. Some of the things that i have done so far was JAZZ FEST! It was awesome, although it was pouring rain, we definitely made the best out of it! Good times on burbon of course and the SWAMP TOUR! So glad i had the courage to actually hold the baby alligator πŸ™‚

Met some super cool party people and i am excited to continue at work, we are finally able to see some process at the house i am volunteering at. Overall, my experiences at the different work-sites have been something that i will cherish.

Can’t wait for the next few days Y’ALL!!!!!!! Have lots more memories to be made πŸ˜‰