I do not like flying, but the flight wasn’t very long and relatively painless! Quite a few of us were on the same flight and made it that much more enjoyable! We were all very excited to greet Pascal as he arrived to pick us up from the airport!
We’ve had some amazing work experiences thus far. The people are so friendly and so thankful. Everyone greets us and wants to extend their appreciation. I am very proud to be here and I feel a great emotional attachment to our contribution! We’ve also been “tourists”. We’ve been able to go shopping, visit the markets, go on a swamp tour, eat the delicious Southern cooking, and “experience” New Orleans! We’ve enjoyed the Po-Boys, Snow Balls, Hurricanes, Grenades, Crawfish, and Bourbon Street (to list a few) šŸ™‚
Camp Hope is great! And our group has been building strong relationships. We all work so well together and definitely share common interests and a common goal!
The first week was amazing! New Orleans is so much more than I expected and anticipated. The people, the food, the culture and the city itself are awesome! So far my most memorable moment is: On Thursday a group of us were so fortunate to paint an orange house! The man who owns this house has an incredible story and incredible strength. The entire group was touched by his story and our experience from that day. Thursday was more than I could have expected. This is what I came for, and this made the trip for me! I am overwhelmed with emotions and so proud of our entire Ryerson NOLA team for all their dedication and hard work during our first week here. We are touching people and helping them in so many ways! I have learned so much from the people, guest speakers, my personal experience, and definitely from sharing our experiences with each other!

I love the city of New Orleans! ā™„

Rebecca Hiltz