Hmmm….Its Thursday May 12, 2010 and tomorrow is our last night here. I’m sad that we’re leaving but I’m kind of excited to go home. I never thought I would say this but I miss my home. Not Toronto my house, my family. LOL it’s funny because when I am at home I’m always trying to get away from them. The past 2 weeks have been amazing. The people in New Orleans are so friendly; they really know how to make you feel at home. Some of the things I’ve done were demolition, insulation, painting, sanding and a lot more. Doing it all was fun because I’ve never done any of this before so it was a fun learning experience.

The day that really made me remember why I was here was the day I worked on Mr. Barnett’s house. He was the sweetest old man I have ever met and his story really touched me. All he really wants to do is rebuild the house he lost in the storm but his wife wants him to sell it. This man has been through so much, he was even in the hospital because he got into a car accident and he had his Collen taken out. Even though he’s a bit better now, I feel that he is not strong enough to be working on his house all by himself, which he is doing. Yes we were volunteers that helped him pain the outside of his house, but the inside still needs to be worked on a lot. And he sleeps in there all by himself and its not even completed yet.

This thing that frustrates me the most is that fact that the house that I am working on this week is for a family who once never asked for help but St. Bernard contacted them asking them if they wanted help, because they qualified. What I want to know is how do people qualify to receive help from St Bernard? Because when we help Mr. Barnett, it was not through St. Bernard project it was through another organization. I feel that if St. Bernard helps him out he would be able to bring his wife back home. Thanks to Tanika who spoke to someone from the Americorps team, who spoke to St. Bernard, they will now be contacting. That’s great an all and I don’t mean to sound negative or anything but why is it that St. Bernard contacted the family that I am helping now but they did not contact a person like Mr. Barnett? I mean he really needs the help. He’s old and sick and doing this all by himself! Besides that why does he not know about St. Bernard and how to contact them? Are they doing a good job at informing communities that need their help the most about their organization? That’s just my questions. I donno???????????????? Maybe the are but in my opinion the need to be doing a better job.

I’m not bad talking the St. Bernard project because they work they do is amazing. Helping a family move back into their home the greatest thing anybody could do. However I feel that there are more people out there that need their help! But I mean I don’t fully know the process but it just really upsets me knowing that someone like Mr. Barnett is not receiving the help that he deserves. It’s just frustrating. I’m sorry I don’t mean to make St. Bernard sound bad that is not my intention.

Aside from all that , this has been the greatest experience, I’ve learned so much…..I just look at the word very differently now………………..