Hey Y’all (lol),

I have been so busy having fun and working hard I forgot to blog,so I’ll try to wrap up my trip and experiences in a nutshell. This has been a life changing trip for me and incredibly rewarding. I didn’t think I would experience so many emotions throughout the trip. Happy-Sad-Mad-Frustrated-Irritated-Excited-Surprised-Fulfilled-Overwhelmed-Tired….I can go on but I’ll stop here. I have gotten to meet so many people from so many places I almost feel as
though I have been missing out on life before this trip. Meeting locals and working alongside homeowners to rebuild their homes has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me,regardless of their circumstances they are all very deserving of the help. To see the state of New Orleans 5 years later continues to disgust me, living in such a developed part of the world you would think that the people of New Orleans would be well taken care of- but we are all continuously informed that the progress of New Orleans is all thanks to the efforts of volunteers and not their government. I feel blessed to be able to have this experience and I thank Ryerson and my instructors for creating this opportunity for us, it will be something I never forgot and it will live with me always.

– I’m comin’ home T.O

Love, Live, Life

– Tanika