Today is our last day in New Orleans. Some people are leaving in half an hour, some of us at 9:00am, and others later on. It’s pretty sad, since we’ve all become close, but hopefully in Toronto we’ll continue to keep in touch.

The entire trip was AMAZING! The first week I got to explore the city, start and finish demolishon on a school, carried drywall up some stairs into a building, insulated a home, installed flourescent lightbulbs in homes, painted a car port, and partied on Bourbon Street!

On the weekend we went to Alabama, to visit the Civil Right Memorial, and took an air boat on a Swamp tour! I held a baby gator! Monday was back to work. I sanded plaster off walls, and repaired bumps, and air bubbles, and became extremely stressed out, and frustrated with whoever put up the drywall and taped it! Finally though, on our last day, we got to texturize! It was also alter-ego day, and I got to dress and act like Femi the WHOLE day! “A so da ting setup sometime! BOMB, BOMB, BOMB!” Too much fun!

Throughout the time here, we’ve had speakers, and got to hear some of the residents stories about before, during, and after the Hurricane. They were very eye opening, and made me realize so many things. I truly do not know what I would have done in the same situation, and I feel saddened that five years later the entire city is not rebuilt, with families home, but I was happy to get to have this experience. I also got to go and visit the Gulf of Mexico, and it was amazing!

Tonight, on our last night, we went out for dinner all together. It was awesome! After dinner, we partied on Bourbon Street again! Going home in a few hours is bitter sweet for me. I miss home, and am excited to get back, but I will truly miss the city of New Orleans, and the residents here, but most importantly, the people I shared this experience with. I was nervous about coming, but couldn’t have asked for a better group to share this amazing experience with! I truly want to return in the future, and I definitely hope everyone keeps in touch!