I don’t want to leave! 😦
How can I fully explain and sum up the last 2 weeks?…. Really, I can’t! It’s hard to explain and articulate!
I know for sure that this has been…. an experience of a lifetime!! Everything that has happened over the last 2 weeks will be with me forever! I had great expectations for this trip, but nothing like this! Our group of 20 classmates and 2 professors really came together and created lifetime friendships! (Yes, the hierarchial system was broken down!) I really want to thank every individual for making this trip AMAZING! and for sticking out the “tough stuff” together too! i learned so much from each and every one of you! ♥

–The guest speakers have been inspirational!
–Exploring the city and the sites were great. I LOVED the swamp tour and the “upclose and personal” experience with some gators! Did you know they like marshmallows?! haha
–The worksites were diverse. There were often many challenges, but the goals were accomplished. We’ve created friendships with the people we had the opportunity to work with and I hope for all of us those relationships carry forward after we’re all home. The highlight of my work day was to meet the homeowners. I loved working side-by-side with them and hearing their stories. It really put everything into context and added a stronger motivation to get them Home!
–I really appreciated spending time with everyone… one of the highlights was the picnic! We needed a night away! Thanks Pascal and everyone who pitched in (we missed the others who were on the beach, but we were definitely thinking of you)
–Meeting the people tops the list! On the street, in the stores, at the job sites…. anywhere we met anyone! The hospitality and excitement was more than we could have asked for…. And did you know that the Canadians were the first response group in New Orleans after Katrina?!? 🙂

For the last week a group of us worked at the Haver’s House! We did a lot of the finishing touches. I learned some new skills and got to play with some power tools 🙂 Too many laughs were shared this week even though many of us had our frustrations! We all helped each other get through them, or at least put them aside for the time being. The Haver’s are almost home and we played a big role in that! 🙂 I still need time to reflect on the entire experience and try to make sense of it all. The processing will take some time, but there is no doubt that I have gained so much! I really can’t emphasize enough that the experience would not have been the same with any other group of amazing individuals! THANK-YOU so much!!

I miss NOLA already 😦
See you in Toronto!!!!!!