So now I have been in New Orleans for about a week and man I can not get enough of what this beautiful city has to offer. I have done many things since I have been here and there are a list of things that I will not forget. I will provide a list of the top 5 ( in no particular order):

  • Roaches!!! ( They Fly and Are Ten Times Bigger Than in Canada)
  • Gator Touching ( The Skin Isn’t as Rough as it Looks)
  • Visiting The Golf ( Man o Man was the Water Nice!1 🙂 )
  • Working on Houses with my Team
  • Mosquitos ( I have known counted about 41, maybe more, bites)

I Have really enjoyed working on the three houses that I have. My team that i have been working with are great and I have met so many new people along the way. Having the ability to travel, work and play at the same time has been great to me so far. I get to have the luxury of helping families put their lives back together and  enjoying the city of New Orleans. This is a great city and I am falling in love with it already. There are some concerns floating around about this years hurricane season and the BP oil spill, but  you begin to do as the  people do and think positive about what is to be.  A positive attitude is really what counts   and what has rebuilt this city.

Ciao Ciao,

Nicole Thomas