Hello hello!!
ive been in NOLA for over a week and i still cant believe it! i keep forgetting how far away home is, until i tell someone im from canada and they respond with  “ya’ll from CAAAANADA?! geeet out!” (*say it with a southern drawl…it makes more sense that way haha) so much as happened in 10 days i cant even put words to it, but i’ll try!
top 5 things ive done so far (not in any particular order):

1. the opporunity to drywall! not only was i drywalling, but i was doing it for the nicest man, who pretty much lost his house to the storm. hes been waiting 5 years for this, and im glad i can take part in bringing him home

2. hold an aligator: we went on a swamp tour (which im learning is suffering) and i was able to touch an 8yr old aligator while it was in the water, and hold a baby aligator… so amazing

3. swim in the gulf of mexico: im really happy i had the experience, bc with the BP oil spill, the very beach we were on will soon be contaiminated. already there have been animals being washed up to shore. the experience was bittersweet. im glad i was there, but its sad the beautiful beach will soon be ruined

4. eat crawfish and drink a Hurricane; one of the first days here i got to eat an amazing popular dish of crawfish boil. snaping the heads off and eating the meat from the tail is something i will try and master before i go back home. hurricane drinks are yummy too!

5. walk along bourbon street: do i need to say more?

there are a ton of others that we’ve been doing and i cannot believe the trip is already more than half way over. the goal is to savour the last few days in the big easy!

-francesca 🙂