How y’all doing today? Really its weird everytime I hear people in Louisiana I think of the Texas accent “Howdy partner”.  Anyways it’s day 11 and only 5 days left until this great experience ends.  But overall I want to share the highlights of the past 11 days with y’all lol so that you can get a sense of my adventures and feel like you are here in New Orleans, Louisiana so that maybe one day you get to physically experience it all.  So let’s get started…

  • everyone here in Louisiana is very optimistic I don’t think any man-made or natural disaster can ever put down the people of New Orleans
  • everyone is so appreciative of us volunteers because we were told several times that we are the reason for why the city has regained life
  • house building skills learned: demolishing, sanding, mudding, insulation, mold remediation and drywall
  • New Orleans food: boiled and baked crawfish, voodoo chicken, drunken chicken, jambalaya, gumbo, etouffe and bourbon chicken
  • alcoholic drinks: Hurricane/Hurricane Katrina, hand grenades, all the flavours for daiquiris, swamp water and jello shots
  • Guest speakers: Mary Williams, Tanya Harris, Lori Pickett and George Cavignac
  • Americorps and St.Bernard Project
  • cheesecake bistro restaurant with the best white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake ever and has all the cheesecake flavours you can think of
  • food proportions here are big which can feed 2 or 3 people depending on what type of food, for example shrimp, crab and crawfish salad can feed four people and a banana split can feed 5 people
  • Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street with live jazz band, never-ending beads being thrown from balconies, everyone and anyone can drink alcoholic drinks on the streets such as hand grenades, hurricanes and daiquiris, never-ending bars and clubs with no closing hours
  • going to Mississippi and riding the ferry where we got to see dolphins, arriving at the West Ship Island where we tanned and swam on the Gulf of Mexico
  • $7.50 all you can eat buffet at a casino in Mississippi with take home cookies
  • swamp tour on a 6 seater air boat was amazing, holding a dragonfly, petting an alligator up close and feeding it with marshmallows and holding a small alligator “DERB” for picture-taking
  • working on a home-built 2 years after Hurricane Katrina and abandoned 6 months ago in the highest crime rate neighbourhood in New Orleans

Overall so far so good I hope to end my days here in New Orleans with  more memorable experiences and with a bang.  That’s all for now folks, stay tuned until my next blog lol!!!