Who Dat? We Dat ! is one of the famous sayings that is presently used in New Orleans as the a slogan for the Saints football team however this saying also holds great significance for the  Ryerson group that is currently rebuilding homes in the city. No bias but We Dat in many different ways. I’ll lay it to you raw and admit that the first couple of days in New Orleans were ruff and challenging in terms of getting used to the new environment, new people and adapting to doing the job of a construction worker. Getting up early in the morning and the physical labour has been tuff on the body and mind and to top it off the weather has been ridiculously hot.  Although these obstacles have been presented our team automatically pulled together and helped each other get through the storm. I believe that our common purpose of bringing peace into the world remained at the forefront of our experience and it has motivated us to keep striving for our common goal of rebuilding homes for the people of New Orleans. Throughout the days our groups encouraged each other, supported each other and had a lot of fun. There were even times when people got sick or exhausted from the strenuous work but our teams continued to get stronger and we rised to the occasion by taking care of each other. There was also a lot of physical effort put into the new skills that we attained like dry walling, mudding, sanding, mold remediation and demolition. At times I felt like giving up but then I would hear a positive comment like, “I want to make this sanding so perfect for the person that is going to be living in this house. “Hearing these positive comments from my team members encouraged me to stay focused and it reminded me of why I am here in the first place. To add, our group knows how to have fun. To mention we have two of the best instructors leading us. That was not for brownie points, Aha!  Overall this trip has been amazing experience but it wouldn’t have be the same without the wonderful team cuz WE DAT!