I have been having such a great time that it is easy to forget why we are here. I mean, I am having fun everywhere I go – on the construction sites, downtown, around Camp Hope…and today we went to the volunteer dinner that was organized by a number of families who had volunteers rebuild their homes. And one of the people, Paul made an amazing slideshow about Katrina and about having hope and having support from people all over. His speech was heartfelt and touched me deeply. I’m not doing this work for credit, I just want to help…and it is amazing to get a confirmation of that – that we are in fact making a huge difference in people’s lives. I am immensely happy and appreciative of getting the chance to go on this trip. I have learned so much, about Katrina, about New Orleans, about construction, about people and communities. It has been the best experience of my life.

My favourite quote of the day: “You are not rebuilding homes, you are rebuilding lives” – Paul

Thank you Paul, for your kind words and a delicious DELICIOUS feast..and thank you Tanya and Pascal for making it all possible!