When I reflect upon my fears for this trip, it could have made for a best-selling novel. Facing my fears, challenging myself and being inspired to try new things that are out of my comfort zone have made me a better and a more confident person. So far, during this trip to New Orleans I have enjoyed taking advantage of seeing the whole city after Hurricane Katrina.  The city has so much history, a welcoming hospitality and so much dedication to family which is very import to me. I have to admit, I had a rough time adjusting to the heat and the task appointed to the group because it was a new and different atmosphere from Toronto. Right now there is 3 days left for this trip and there is still so much to do. I love staying at camp Hope because I have made so many new friends and we all get along great. I love learning various construction skills such as demolition and flooring. Also to add, I have been eating non-stop ever since I have gotten here, the food in the south is so delicious. I have met and spoke to so many locals around St. Bernard Perish and downtown New Orleans who have the most uplifting and life changing stories that need to be heard. The children I have met so far have been polite and filled with so much joy. With the proper guidance, right direction and accessible recourses I feel the children of New Orleans hole a bright future.

     What I look forward to on this trip is finally seeing a completed home, meeting Tanya Harris and learning more about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Although this city has many political challenges that still need to be address and worked towards, I can see the determination in the citizen’s eyes to rebuild their homes and the rest of the city to what it once was. I love New Orleans and I am having so much fun so far. I got to experience holding a baby alligator on a swamp tour and a weekend trip to Mississippi. But as much as I love it here, I do miss home, my close friend, and my own bed. As sad as it may sound, the beginning of the end  of this trip starts from here on…

******* Biola*******