Hello Interweb! It is Alyssa again ending on a happy note from New Orleans. I never thought I would meet so many great spirits here on the trip. Our Americorps leaders have been so nice to all of us, and very patient. Pascal and Tanya and the rest of the crew are all closely-knit, and I recall the few CINT 912 2009 students at the 2010 orientation saying that they’ve become a family throughout and after their New Orleans experience. I feel somewhat the same, in that seeing one of us will make me wonder where the rest of us are at.

Prior to the trip, I was beginning to feel like there were guaranteed mixed emotions regarding rebuilding in New Orleans amongst the local residents. However, every resident I’ve met has been beyond grateful to see our arms and legs at work, always smiling and repeatedly thanking us.

Lately I’ve been pursuing my personal journey in spiritual ‘awakening’ and this trip has really taught me a lot in many different ways. The kind of love that brings us all together here in New Orleans is overwhelming; we are all here in St. Bernard Parish to help and teach each other. It reminds me of what Tanya Harris said: “Human spirit touches human spirit.” Nothing materialistic can come between that connection. How fascinating! The food, the people, the music… I loved my stay here.

Jenni… you are awesome-sauce. Lori… love ya! Pascal… lean on me, whenever, you’re awesome! Tanya… all the best in NOLA and I hope to see you soon! Michelle… all love for you my dear! Natallica… rock solid, hope your summer rocks! Chris… the dancing machine, see you on Friday with or without you, lol! Chivon… keep it real, you’re awesome! Alison… don’t ever change, rockstar! Shantae… you’re a real sweetheart, hope you have a great time in Florida! Nichola… glad you’ve been protective during this trip, stay classy! Biola… reppin’ the hood all day every day, ha! Lesley… aww Lesley you’re awesome, see you on Friday at Chris’ with or without him! Candice… community gardening is a must! Francesca… you’re sooo witty and awesome, love ya! Julea… it was great working with you, fellow grapemunk! Onur… we have our differences but hopefully they can be overcome someday. Alexandra… so full of life and it’s seriously contagious haha! Mara… ‘Pilipino ka?’ lol all the best darlin’.  Nicole… your warm-heartedness shines through and through, and I love ya!

Last but not least, myself… woohoo I got one hour to pack! Peace out everybody, and I’ll see “all y’all” soon (: