Our two weeks in New Orleans have come and gone like that.  Before we arrived, I really had no idea what to expect of this city.  Would our rebuilding efforts be needed nearly five years after Katrina?  Is rebuilding a city that sits largely below sea level sensible in the face or climate change and rising sea levels?  After two weeks I still don’t really have answers to these questions, and if anything I found myself with even more questions then before.

One thing is sure; New Orleans is an amazing city.  The food, the nightlife, the music, the culture are all amazing and unique, and the people are as friendly as any you will ever meet.  Another thing that is sure is that our rebuilding efforts were by no means in vain.  The amount of devastation still remaining from Katrina five years on is truly shocking.  Throughout the city and St. Bernard Parish houses, stores, malls, schools and hospitals still lie abandon, and if you didn’t know better you would think Katrina was a recent disaster. 

All in all this trip was truly fantastic.  I want to thank Tanya and Pascal for organizing this amazing experience for us, and for putting up with us in our various stages of indecisiveness and drunkenness.  I also want to thank want everyone in the group for being so wonderful and making the trip as much fun as it was.