So we’ve been back in Canada for a few days now. It’s so nice not to feel hot and sweaty all the time! And I love that my bug bites are finally going away! But it’s weird not waving to everyone I see passing by or saying random hellos to people I don’t know. I miss the whole Toronto group, you guys were so much fun! It was awesome getting to know you over the last two weeks. I miss the AmeriCorps leaders – they were a blast! I guess I kind of miss bagles with cream cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and rice and beans… but only because it was so funny that I ate it every day!

That was definetly a very fun trip! I would go to New Orleans again, and visit some other places I didn’t get to see while I was there. Thank goodness we got to see the Mississippi, Gulf of Mexico, and Swamps before the oil hit it. So sad to think that those beautiful places are going to be wrecked now. ):

Thanks for the amazing experience, Pascal and Tanya! You two are awesome (:

– Julea