June 7, 7:25 pm.

It is really nice to feel a great amount of respect from friends and family after participating in humanitarian relief efforts like rebuilding homes in New Orleans. Kind of like being reborn into Toronto although not much has changed here. A breath of fresh air might be a better description.

Yet it’s so nice to be back in Toronto with my homies, kicking it on our free time. There is still a bunch of silly moments of Louisiana coursing through my head. Photos uploaded to Facebook keep them running. (:

I want to go back! I want to be a part of humanitarian relief efforts forever. Being on this trip allowed me some personal freedom which I’m very grateful for. I’ve recommended to everybody that they visit the South sometime.

I will never forget Darren, one of the homeowners we met, and how he pleaded to get us back for the second work week. Darren is a laid-back, cool man. I loved that his neighbour called him ‘lazy’ for making us build his house for him, which briefly and temporarily shifted my understanding of Darren’s coolness. His neighbour rocked, and had two cute daughters, as well as two cute dogs that would talk to us at the back window through a crack in the fence.

I feel blessed to have made friends with people who live outside of Canada (yeah!) and to have been under such care at Camp Hope and by Tanya and Pascal.

Things are starting to hit me now that I’m back in Toronto, such as: having to stay up-to-date with daily  happenings; thinking ahead for meals; seriously considering jeans and long-sleeved shirts instead of shorts and a T-shirt; and the overall difference in pace and lifestyle.

That wraps up how I feel now that I’m settled in again and back on the grind. I’m looking out for opportunities to do more housing projects, possibly starting here in Toronto!

All love to the second crew of CINT 912!