A couple hours ago Tropical Storm Alex became Hurricane Alex. It’s not on track for New Orleans so I only need to worry about winds and rain; and there have been a lot of that in the last couple days.

But it does have an impact on the oil spill. Clean up is delayed; small crafts cant be out right now. The oil is being pushed further on to the shore; every so often my phone lights up with a “coastal flooding” warning because I have it set to give me critical weather alerts.

I’ve been building my hurricane survival kit piece by piece as I get money. So far I have two flashlights, two gallons of water, some strike anywhere matches, a couple portable BBQ kits and a container to keep it all in. Not much but as hyper vigilant I am about monitoring the weather, I’m sure I’ll have enough time to add in some canned food etc. from the pantry.  I’m making sure I always keep gas in my car (I tend to let it get close to empty before filling usually) and I can lay my hand on my passport and wallet in 5 seconds.

Today I saw a cool weather alert radio and a hand crank flashlight. Those and some extra gallons of gas are likely the next purchases I will make when I get money.