In May, Pascal and I took the second group of NOLA students to Mississippi to go to West Ship Island.

They had only opened the week before for the season and had already had tar balls and dead animals wash up. Tar balls have continued for some time, and on Thursday July 1st they had oil wash up. The information update says in part…”As of July 1st weathered oil has washed ashore on Ship Island…Beaches within Gulf Islands National Seashore, including West Ship Island, have been affected by the oil spill and oil is on the beaches and maybe in the water adjacent to beach areas.”

We took the students there so they could enjoy one of the most beautiful natural barrier islands in the Gulf. So fragile that they ask you to pack on/pack off your garbage, and to not pick any grass or flowers since they hold the island together.

Here are a few more photos of a once beautiful island..hopefully it can be that way again.