I collected a cup full of sand from Ship Island. Swimming in the gulf was both awesome and sad. Actually, I think that’s what the whole trip felt like, always there were mixed emotions. The occasion is happy, but so many things to be sad about. John from VAYLA said that the oil spill is like a car crash in slow motion. You see it and you know it’s going to happen and when it does it’ll be really bad, but you can’t do anything but wait. I am impatient and always feel like I should do something before something else happens. Like going to concerts. What if the musicians retire? What if they decide to never make music again? What if they drop dead? Who knows! But with New Orleans, this irrational fear that places just won’t be there anymore doesn’t seem so irrational anymore. Ship Island won’t be open next year to public. Neither are the swamps, marsh and wetlands. Things feel more real and even more scary when you have been to the places.

After coming back, I compiled all the photos I took from the trip and made it into videos. Having two little sisters mean that a lot of the compilation was done during the night, but that was okay. It was nice to be able to sit down and really look at the photos I took. Some made me laugh, some made me sad. Some made me think a lot about some things. The video is in five parts. The third one was used for the presentation to raise awareness.

Thanks again to Pascal and Tanya for organizing and being our drivers for two weeks. I miss you NOLA group two, and I hope to be able to travel to NOLA again next summer with y’all. 🙂