The Deepwater Horizon well may be capped but the impact continues. A great story on the impact of the spill on oysters and in particular the P&J Oyster company.

The article says in part:

P&J has dealt in oysters, both as a distributor and processor, for nearly 135 years, making it the oldest oyster processor and distributor in the United States. The disaster triggered by the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion on April 20 brought that tradition to a virtual standstill. On June 10, the Sunseris, having conceded their regular suppliers could no longer provide them with the volume and quality of oysters necessary to operate their business, ceased regular operations at P&J. They laid off 13 full-time employees.

“The bottom line is that our guys that we purchase from are not working,” Sal Sunseri said on the day of the shutdown.”

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