So I am writing my essay for design history class about the role of graphic design in bringing environmental and social change (which is why I am posting at 1:30 am).

I am also the biggest internet junkie out there, and whenever I find design/art/literature geared toward social and environmental change, I am always happy. And when it’s related to NOLA, even more!

Here are a few things I’ve came across.

I like Dave Eggers. I like New Orleans. And this book was interesting because it provided a different perspective. Tanya – the ending was indeed frustrating.

Skeletonkrewe is an artist from NOLA I found on flickr while trying to find those “READ” graffiti that was everywhere!

OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX is a project by Happiness Brussels, designed by Anthony Burrill. They collected oil from the Gulf of Mexico and silkscreened posters with it. OIL. SILKSCREEN. WOWOW! You can watch the video here!

When I came back from NOLA in May, I found a book called Bayou Farewell by Mike Tidwell. It was a strange time to be reading it as it was published in 2003 and all the warnings Tidwell had wrote in the book came true (i.e., the loss of coastal wetlands and the levees led to the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina). It was also kind of strange/scary/coincidental because he ended the book with an eerie feeling he felt about the oil rigs he saw. In any case, for one of my design classes I was asked to redesign a book cover and I chose Mike Tidwell’s Bayou Farewell (Hi Mike, if you ever stumble upon this blog and don’t like the book cover-sorry! But if you do I am open for a redesign discussion).

For the cover, I wanted to focus on the positive aspect of the book- the Cajun people! I went for hand done type to imitate all those hand made signs protesting BP. Also southern states are always associated with colourful and vernacular hand made signs. I also had flags to imitate the Blessing of the Fleet!

It was a lot of fun to design the cover and felt nice to be designing for NOLA, in a way.

– Jennii