I haven’t been paying much attention to Facebook lately as I’ve been busy working and such. But today I saw this picture posted on one of my NOLA student’s pages…

It’s hard to see but it is an  advertisement for TEDxRyersonU and says, “Shantae Johns. Toronto 2 Nola: Making a difference in Louisiana”.

Turns out Shantae spoke this morning at the TEDxRyersonU event about her experiences on her trip. Hopefully a video of the speech will be available soon and I will post it.

My favourite memory of Shantae on our trip was the day that she was late getting to the van one morning. I was frustrated because we had warned students that vans were leaving at a certain time and many kept missing. She wasn’t the only one late, her work site was only a few blocks from where we were staying and I left. On the way back to Camp Hope (where we were staying) I drove by her. She was bouncing along; waving and smiling at everyone she passed (including me). Not far behind was another student who had been left who was stomping unhappily along.

Shantae’s bio is here and her reflections about the trip are here.