Pascal and I are excited to announce that we once again have two sections of students scheduled to travel to NOLA during May. We have a few spaces left – mostly in the last half of the month – but suspect that they will be filled within a short time.


From left to right:






May 2009

These 5 guys worked in the Lower 9th ward with Common Ground rebuilding a house.



When I am back in Toronto at the end of January/early February I will get the chance to meet them as we will be holding four classes (2 sets of two classes). Pascal will teach the remainder of the classes while I will do the on-the-ground organizing in New Orleans; hotels, restaurants, speakers, volunteer opportunities etc.

After a hard day’s work gutting St. Mary of the Angels school in the Upper Ninth ward the group stretches out the kinks.

From left to right:


Pascal (instructor)


Rachel (hiding someone)



This will make the third year that Ryerson will be sending students to New Orleans. It is the second year that we will have York University students joining us and for the first time we will have a student from Kings College at University of Western Ontario in London.

For the third year we will also be volunteering with the St. Bernard Project who last year awarded Ryerson with a Rebuilding Award. Seeing a family come home (below a Welcome Home party May 2010) is the biggest award and reward that there is.