Hello all!

My name is Shannon Strelioff and I am a second year Geographic Analysis student at Ryerson University.  I lived most of my life in Richmond Hill and two years ago I moved out of home to the downtown core of Toronto!   In the future I hope to work for Environmental Canada dealing with wastewater and water quality monitoring.  I also take interest in the education system and have been considering teaching at a high school level.

Besides school, I carry many other interests.  I absolutely without a doubt love music and even though I’m no Jimi Hendrix guitarist, I enjoy jam sessions with a couple good friends.  The winter season is also very important to me as I love a weekend getaway of some snowboarding.

I am taking CINT 912 Field Experience mainly for a new experience.  I enjoy travelling and I feel that this field experience not only allows me to see a different side of the world, but with a very important purpose.  After the events of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill I felt completely useless and had no idea how I could get involved to help.  This experience allows me to make a difference.
Going into this experience I hope to learn many new things and accomplish different goals.  I hope to enhance my skills with collaborative group work, gain more understanding about different cultural groups, and successfully participate in hands-on field work with community development.