Hey Everyone,

My name is Becki Lewis and I am currently in my third year of the Ryerson Social Work program. I am ultimately participating in this experience to gain a more thorough understanding between the interconnections of race and class relations, and more specifically the global division of labour and its racialized social relations within Western society. Moreover, by partaking in this opportunity, as students we are able to focus on common goals, and a clear commitment to social justice and human rights, through social change (even if at the most micro level).

Throughout my childhood, I have been lucky enough to live in Germany, England, The US and Canada. At an early age, my parents instilled within me the love of travelling, as I have been to Thailand, Europe, Australia, Turkey, Egypt and Israel, these are just to name a few.  At an early age, I participated in humanitarian relief with my family as we travelled to local villages within Cambodia, working with the locals, specifically the children.

At the moment, my school placement is currently at the YWCA, specifically working within the Housing and Support Program for women who have experienced violence throughout their lives. Through this placement, I have garnered a more thorough understanding of the complexities and interlocking oppressions that women continually experience throughout society, specifically in regards to housing. I believe that all individuals deserve the right to safe and affordable housing!

However, throughout my educational career within the social work program, I have struggled with various conflicting perspectives in relation to international “community development”, thus I hope to gain a more grounded perspective into the multi layered approaches of community development through my 2 weeks within NOLA.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you,