Hello everyone!

My name is Michelle Evans.  I am a first year nutrition student at Ryerson, though I have already completed a BBA with specialization in marketing from the University of Guelph.  I was born and raised in Toronto, and currently live near High Park, aka the best part of the city (!). 

I worked for a social housing advocacy organization for two years, where I learned a lot about government policy surrounding housing, tenant rights, advocacy and community support.  In my program, we have learned about how nutrition and health are related to community and development, and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare.  So, once I found out about the CINT 912 course, I applied immediately!  After Katrina I had considered becoming involved in the efforts to rebuild, but had no idea how or what I could contribute.  The BP oil spill left me feeling useless, simply watching from a distance as the crisis grew more dire by the day.  Now I am being given an opportunity to get involved and make a difference!  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with people with different backgrounds and knowledge toward the common goal of rebuilding community in New Orleans.

Outside of school, I’m also a hot yoga instructor.  I consider myself a fairly athletic person, and I am preparing to run my first half marathon next year (actually, I was registered for one that happens to coincide with the CINT 912 trip, so I need to reschedule my run!).  I also love to travel as often as I can afford to.  I have traveled to the Philippines, Thailand, and parts of the Northern and Western USA, as well as within Canada.  Of course, I also love FOOD!  I like to experiment with food and eat weird things (or at least things that other people think are weird…).  My favourite thing though is simply to learn.  I LOVE to learn new things and gain knowledge and experience.  Working with others in a hands-on way, such as this course, is truly exciting for me, and I feel very honoured to have been given this experience!