Hello! My name is Shannon Kaloczi…

I’m in my third year of Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson. I grew up in Chatham, Ontario, but have been living in Toronto for just over two years now. I’ve taken interest in a lot of things locally and have seen that Toronto has a lot to offer. I’m interested in community & international development as well as social issues, public art and food security.  I’m very excited to have an experience so related. I applied to go to New Orleans in 2010 but ran into some difficulty and was unable to go, which makes me even more excited to be going in 2011!   🙂

Aside from school I intern with an organization called STEPS Initiative (stepsinitiative.org), and do some volunteering with festivals in Toronto, with Food Share, and with The Stop. Aside from that I guess I’m pretty into music, and always enjoy listening to some good “indie”, folk, acoustic, jazz, or electronic, and love going to shows.

I went on a field trip to the UK in October and had the experience of a lifetime. It was my first time being outside of Canada essentially (I’ve only been to about two cities in Michigan) and I learned so much, and now I can’t stop planning places I want to go. I’m really looking forward to experiencing New Orleans, to learning more about Hurricane Katrina, and seeing first-hand the impacts it had on the city. I’m happy we all get to take part in making a difference, and I cannot wait to gain some construction skills and meet a group of new people.