Hey Everyone!

My cousin and I (on left) at the 2010 Olympics!

I’m Nancy and I’m in my fourth year in International Studies & Women’s Studies and I’m also getting a certificate in Sexuality Studies at York U. I’m super excited for this trip to New Orleans and can’t wait to meet all of you! I heard rumours about this trip last year and I’m glad I happened to meet someone recently who went on the trip last year. My passion is really in international development and travelling. I’ve traveled to the US, Australia, Vietnam, and Thailand where I volunteered at a children’s home for a month 2 summers ago. It was such an amazing trip I knew that that was what I wanted to do and I can’t wait to get the chance to help in any that I can in New Orleans. I also hope that I can learn a lot about what’s going on down there from a first hand experience and get a chance to experience the culture there because I’ve heard such amazing stories! I’ve also moved around a lot as a kid (probably what triggered my love for travelling). I’ve lived all over the GTA, in Ottawa, and even lived in Vancouver for a bit. I love to volunteer too, I use to volunteer for the World Wildlife Fund but right now I’m tutoring at the North York Women’s Shelter and volunteering at the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line (SASSL) at York.

A little bit about me: I a huge movie and tv show fanatic! I play the trombone and the piano although I haven’t played either in a while. I love going to random rock concerts and comedy shows when I have the money. And my secret pleasure is reading trashy chick lit.