Hello everybody!

As stated in the title, my name is Bryan McGill and I am from York University 😛 I am in my 4th year in the faculty of environmental studies and am loving it. In my classes I have leaned a lot global politics, environmental justice, disasters and education, but have only been able to apply my knowledge limitedly in my classes. I thought that this class we are all attending would not only give me a chance to apply everything I’ve learned, but also act on it. This idea comes from a really good quote I heard recently by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and now always keep in mind: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”… Well this year in my class ENVS 4440: Environmental Disasters under Dr. Syed Harris Ali I learned that the commonly held notion that natural disaster’s are unpreventable and effect everyone the same way is not true. It turns out that natural disasters not only discriminate based on age, class, gender and race, but can also be predicted ahead of time and even prevented. During this class I was able to apply this knowledge to Hurricane Katrina, the Chicago Heat Wave, tsunami’s, ice storms, etc.

I became so interested in that class, and everything I was learning that I started doing extra readings and following everything I could on the news. When Pascal Murphy came into my class and told us about this course and the opportunities it provided I knew I was right for the class and jumped right on it. I can’t wait to meet everyone else, get to know you all and share our stories! I thought I was interested in learning about this stuff in a class half full of people who didn’t want to be there…I can’t wait to see the environment we will have with everyone wanting to be there and know it will push me to learn even more. I also look forward to the many ways we will be able to help those in need by working together in the field instead of against each other for marks in a classroom the way universities have set me up so far.


Bryan McGill or "The Branflakes"



As a bit of a side note…my hobbies and interests include: the environment, swimming, gaming, reading, hiking, going to concerts, 420 culture, learning new things and playing devil’s advocate in order to challenge myself and develop my views of the world