Hi Everyone!

My name is Lillian Birchall and I am a third year student at Ryerson studying Psychology. I took Pascal’s course Homelessness in Canadian Society and it was definately the best course I have ever taken. I loved the approach to learning, (among many other things) and when he told us all about the class in New Orleans I immediately turned to my friend Elton and we both said “That sounds amazing….you’re doing this right?”. I am going to New Orleans with the first group.

I have been involved in volunteering and non profit work for a very long time and it is something I want to make a career out of. I can’t think of a more rewarding job than helping others. I am compassionate towards all causes and always interested in getting involved but specifically like working with youth, youth at risk, and mental health. Currently I am working with a drug and alcohol treatment center in Downtown Toronto on a fundraising project, and on an ongoing basis I am involved with a youth shelter in Scarborough. Social justice and inequality are my favorite subjects and hands down the best way to get me going in a conversation. I plan on applying to a masters program when I finish at Ryerson to study Nonprofit Management, or Fundraising.

Some of my “hobbies” include volunteering and helping others, reading (I’m a huge nerd), running, and spending time with good people.

I can’t wait to meet you all and get to know you! I wish you the best of luck this semester.