Hello Everyone!

My name is Santiago Alvarez and I am a fourth year Social Justice and Peace Studies student at King’s University College in London, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to a four year Honours degree in Social Justice, I have also taken courses in Sociology and Media, Information, and Techno-culture. I have lived around London my entire life, but have managed to do quite a bit of travel in my twenty-three years. To be honest I really have no idea what I would like to do after school, I just know it will need to be something that focusses on fixing systemic injustice, or to put it shortly I want to make the world a better place.

Outside of school I try to keep busy. I have spent most of my life playing many different sports (currently I am only studying Goju-Ryu Karate). In the past I have played Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Tennis (just to name a few). I also enjoy reading, video games, and try to travel when ever I can.

I am taking CINT912 for many reasons. To keep this short, though, I will be brief. The major reason I am taking this course is because I have spent quite a bit of time travelling through Western Europe and Latin America and feel like I know very little about the most powerful empire in the world, North America. This lack of knowledge bothers me because I live within North America. As a result I am more than happy to jump at any chance I get to travel within this continent. Add in to the equation a chance to explore real life issues of racism, the international plight of the poor, the effects of global warming, the real price of oil, the chance to work with new people, and the chance to eat real soul food and it seems that there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing in May.