My name is Gabrielle Wright, and I am a third year student at Ryerson University. As an aspiring registered nurse I’ve always been interested in helping others. In the past I’ve volunteered with many different not-for-profit organizations within Toronto- assisting youths, the elderly and individuals with disabilities but I’ve never had the opportunity to volunteer on an international level. I was immediately attracted to NOLA because I saw it as my chance to finally volunteer outside of Canada AND earn a credit! How perfect is that? I’ve also heard amazing stories from a few students who went last year, and it just seems like an incredible opportunity.

Personal tidbit: I love love love to travel! I’ve been to over nine counties and in 2010 alone I was on an airplane over ten times! Aside from traveling I love dancing, singing (although I’m horrible), meeting new people and just having fun in general. I also love everything fashion, so much so that I learned to make my own clothes on my sewing machine. Unfortunately sewing and school are the only things I’m good at. I can’t cook, build things, or anything else of that nature, but I am hoping to gain some rudimentary domestic skills as a part of my NOLA learning experience.

I really look forward to getting to know everyone. I think we are all going to having an amazing time together, while contributing to a meaningful cause. Good luck in your studies this semester, and see you soon!