Hi everyone,

A little about me,  I am a Second Year Sociology student at Ryerson University and very proud of it. I am hoping to travel lots in the next few years and volunteer even more, starting with New Orleans!

I consider myself a very fun and outgoing person, although quiet at first. I am a hard worker and creative type. I love board games so wasting time on long car rides is a breeze. I love sports swimming and track in particular, yes running is a sport and yes it is fun.

I can’t wait for this adventure to begin. There are many challenges ahead and we will tackle them all together and be sure to truly make a change. This trip is a great opportunity for me to begin stepping into this volunteer-experience-adventure field. My goal is to work in a field where I can help people and learn something new about myself. I have not yet decided what aspect of social services I would like to work in, but I love working with kids so we will see what happens.

I cannot wait to experience New Orleans and the people who live there, I have heard many wonderful things about both. I am so excited that we are being welcomed into this wonderful city and the communities within it and my hope is that I can make as big of a difference in others lives as they will be doing for me.

Can’t wait to meet everyone and introduce you to some of my baked goods as well as teach everyone Cribbage. If you don’t know it yet you’ll be hooked.