Hi Everyone — another new blogger, here! I’m Daphne and I am in group one of the NOLA course.

I am a Continuing Education student, and a staff member at Ryerson.  I work in the Office of Research Services, helping faculty members in the Social Sciences and Humanities with their research grant applications.

I am thrilled to participate in this New Orleans trip/experience!  When I first heard about the course I knew that I wanted to be a part of it to help people on the ground rebuild their communities, and learn from the experience, alongside others who share the desire to make a difference.  I can’t wait to meet you all!

I am passionate about social justice and equality and have been involved in many workers’ rights campaigns.  I did my MA in Political Science at York University, where I worked with youth around labour rights issues. But I have not had the chance to do this type of international community development work before.

I have read/heard about the rich culture and resilience of the residents of New Orleans and am excited to meet folks and learn more about their lives pre and post Katrina.

A little about me in general – I love the outdoors, hiking, running, cycling and reading (non-fiction, literature and trashy novels).  I like to talk politics and write poetry, and have a soft heart for animals (especially my 2 new kittens, Timber and Nuit).

Looking forward to our journey together!