Hello, everone!

Well, this is also my first blog, so here goes…

I am extremely excited for this course! I am a second year Social Work student at Ryerson University and my plan, thus far, is to begin working in community development and move my way up to international policy work. When I first heard about this course, I realized that I could not pass up the opportunity to do some hands-on work and get some experiential knowledge in New Orleans.  Also, I’m excited to meet all of you, as we share the same interest in community development and helping others. The Social Work Program has changed my perspective on what it really means to build helping relationships with others, to advocate for social justice and to become allies to those who may be less privileged than others based on their social location. I plan on doing an international placement in my third year. I have not traveled much in the past, but my journey begins here with New Orleans…this is just the beginning.  

Currently, I am a student, I work at a coffee shop during the school year and a day camp with the City of Toronto in the summer. I volunteer at a women’s shelter and am looking in to doing some work at The Stop.

Some of my interests include baking and cooking, barbequing, sustainable food…and really anything that has to do with food. I love cooking for others as I believe it brings people together and is a great way to allow for inclusiveness and comfort…and excellent conversation. Other interests include playing guitar, my dog Marley, dancing, gardening, arts n’ crafts, soccer, snowboarding, political debates, chocolate and bacon.

I look forward to meeting all of you!