Hi everyone,

My name is Sara Nemati and I’m currently a 2nd year student in the Criminal Justice program at Ryerson University.  When I graduate I’m hoping to work in the public sector either in the field of sociology and/or criminology.

A little bit about me:

I live in downtown Toronto and love nature and beer (put the two together and I call that a great weekend!)  I also love traveling and adventure so this trip sounds like a great opportunity to have both.  I’ve done some volunteer work before, most recently it was at West Wood Hospital.  I’ve been sky diving and let me tell you that I can not wait to do it again.  Even though I’m majoring in Criminal justice studies and have taken courses such as human rights law or politics or social deviance behaviour, I also have a love of music, and I am working towards a certificate in music that has been focused on classical music.  I also love camping and whenever possible fishing.  I’ve been to Paris, Amsterdam, England and the Bahamas all in the past couple of years!  I love to ski (though it might take me an hour to snow plow my way down a green run!)

I’m very excited about the idea of seeing New Orleans and getting involved in rebuilding the community and meeting many new people and sharing in a truly amazing experience!