When I think back about this trip months later it appears so fresh in the mind. Many days I wake up wishing to be back in NOLA. Wishing to go back into the streets with the boys and gallivant until the weeeeee hours in the morning. Wishing I could go back and check up on Mr. Barnet and his house.  So many unanswered questions rush into my head when the thought of NOLA arises. Some more happy than sad and vise versa at other times. This trip is truly an amazing experience. for those who are privileged enough to go with the next group, you will not be disappointed. “Y’all” are truly about to have a memorable time. Pascal and Tanya are amazing professors so consider yourselves lucky! Work hard when you are down there! Don’t y’all dare be lazy! And when the body starts to yearn for help just remember why you are doing it and I promise the pain will vanish. Best Wishes to the new group!  and for those who don’t get in..Ah so di ting set up sumtime!
-Jason Miller