My name is Arezoo (R-zoo) and I’m a 3rd year Sociology student at Ryerson University and also a first time blogger.  I will be participating in the second session of the course.

I would like to say that I have a tremendous amount of experience in helping others and a vast knowledge on the relationships that exist between social and political structures, but the truth of the matter is that I just don’t.  This is partly the reason I applied to this course – to not only get a better understanding of the  current issues but a first hand experience in helping a community rebuild not only their homes but securing a future.  I too had a hard time deciding whether to apply, mostly because I am afraid of leaving home.  However, a friend of mine recommended this experience so I took a chance and lo and behold, got accepted 🙂

Coming from a neighbourhood, such as Regent Park, what I can say is that creating a solid foundation is the most important step when it comes to ensuring a brighter tomorrow.  It took my family 5 years and many sweat equity hours before we moved into our new home from Habitat for Humanity, that being said, I maintain a soft spot for my old community.  Being uprooted, placed in a dank and creepy motel room with my siblings for what seemed to be a lifetime, prior to the move was not what I considered to be an ideal situation.  But then again, things have to get worse before they can get better.

What I look forward to the most on this trip is getting a chance to help with the oil spill.  It boggles my mind how conspicuous consumption and excessive desire for material wealth can lead to horrendous amounts of garbage which in turn can result in environmental disasters.  I am neither an expert nor an exception but I believe that being aware and motivated are vital in the quest for a healthier planet.

I am happy to be stepping out of my comfort zone, exploring a different culture and getting a chance to apply myself in the real world.  I’m nervous, excited, and grateful for this opportunity and I hope to learn as much as possible in the weeks to come.