Hello All! My name is Shauna James I am in my final year at York University majoring in Environmental Studies. One of the most important aspects of environmentalism to me is environmental oppression, focusing on environmental justice issues, racism and breaking down socio-economic barriers. I was in my environmental disasters class when Pascal came to talk about this experience with us and I knew it was something I had to do! For the past four years I have been reading and listening to lectures of the injustices that many people face in the world and it is just the right time to get out the classroom and put what I have learned to work. There is no better form of education then to learn while living and working in the environments I want to help create change. That is why being apart of this program is so important to me. I also have a passion for Theatre and I am pursuing a certificate in a Community Arts Program, which requires students to develop a community-based production that engages social issues through artistic process. Currently I am working with a Toronto theatre artist developing social justice and leadership workshops for high school students in the GTA. 
I also enjoy cooking and have begun creating a record of my favourite family recipes. I am a firm believer that everyone should have access to healthy foods and as I am a new learner of food issues and food accessibility. I hope to share the knowledge that I have of food with others.

I am so excited to begin this experience and meet everyone!