My name is Remo and I’m currently in my last year in the Child and Youth Care program. I am delaying graduation for this trip because I can only imagine the emmense impact that such a trip will have on my life and my future, as soon as I heard about such a class I knew that I wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

I have lived all my life in the neighbourhood of Regent Park and it’s one of the major reason that I have decided to dedicate my life to working with at risk children and youth. Having experienced many of the similar issues that the youth I work with have been through, I want to continue to give back to my community which played a major role in turning my life around. What better way to hone these skills then going to New Orleans and doing whatever I can in my power to help those in need just like the way I help out my own community. I can’t wait for the trip to begin just like everyone else 🙂

As you can see by my picture, I’m Asian but I can’t do math to save my life LOL But I have to say, I am very good with computers and many others things that isn’t stereotypical? 😛

P.S and no, I wasn’t “New to Ontario” during the time the picture was taken heh.