I’m Sarah, and am in my second year at Ryerson University. I’m studying social work, which is a four year program, and am really enjoying it. I think of myself as an empathetic and caring person, which could be why I chose social work. I applied to this program because, while studying last year, my sociology professor discussed Hurricane Katrina in class. I learned a lot, most of all I was dumb founded when I learned that the government has an obligation to maintain the levees that surround New Orleans, yet the government turned its back which resulted in such catastrophe.

Something interesting about myself is that I’ve never flown before, this will be the first time. I’m eager to participate in this New Orleans experience, to meet new people, to experience something new, and most of all to help those in need- a sampler of what my future career in social work may hold.

See you all soon,

Sincerely Sarah.