My name is Ken McDonald and I’m studying Environmental Studies at York. I heard about the New Orleans experience in one of my classes and became very interested. I think this is a great opportunity for students of various backgrounds to work together to achieve something great. I am honoured that I was chosen to partake in this experience and will put everything I have into it, so that I can take as much as possible out of it.

I first fell in love with New Orleans at a young age when my dad let me watch the James Bond movie Live or Let Die and I became fascinated with Cajun culture. There was this awesome funeral procession where it seemed like everyone marched down the street playing real somber music until the casket was dropped off at the cemetery and then once it was dropped off the somber music turned into like this Dixie-land styled jazz music and it was this huge party, it was pretty awesome.

Studying environmental problems and social inequalities is interesting, but so far it has all been theoretical, I really want the opportunity to be able to apply some of my skills I have gained in a hands on approach. I also want to help the people of New Orleans (who have been incredibly strong) rebuild their homes and communities.

Thanks for this great opportunity,

Ken McDonald