Now that the trip to NOLA is less than a month away, I can definitely say I’m getting more excited for this opportunity everyday. To be honest, I don’t see this opportunity as a “holiday” or a “vacation away from reality”. If anything, I feel like I’m going to be embarking on a life experience.

I would say I’ve been thinking about this “life experience” a lot as it continues to approach. There are times I feel like I know what I’m going to expect, and there are times when I’m not too sure. I do know that New Orleans is definitely going to be different from home, as I’m already expecting to go through a bit of a culture shock. Despite the differences in culture & lifestyle, I know that I will get use to and embrace the culture and lifestyle of New Orleans. I feel it will give me the chance to analyze how their culture is both similar and different to the culture that I’m use too at home.

The work aspect of this life experience is another compelling thought that has crossed my mind. While learning a new skill set may seem intimidating at first, I look at it as a new challenge. Helping rebuild homes in New Orleans is going to be both exciting and rewarding, as I am most looking forward to seeing the smiles on people’s faces when the rebuilding of their homes is completed.

Its definitely¬†going to be interesting to witness how the city of New Orleans is rebuilding the post-Katrina era. While the readings for this course have provided informative details about how Katrina has impacted New Orleans, I feel that witnessing different areas of the city that were affected by Katrina will give me a better understanding of how the city was impacted physically and socially. I am also curious to hear some of the stories from those who lives were affected by Katrina. I believe that hearing people’s stories face to face will allow me to understand how they struggled, and how they are moving forward with their lives in the post-Katrina era.

To sum up this blog, I can’t wait to head down to the Big Easy and participate in this life experience with my fellow group members, and I’m looking forward to creating good memories & good times!

By: Noah Iannetta