Wow. Thank you Daphne for sharing your poem. It is really beautiful! As I read it through it was like I was watching “When the Levees Broke” over again. Your words sum up much of what I was feeling as I watched excerpts from this film in class. Some of the scenes of destruction, and the voices of those people interviewed in the film will likely stick with me for the rest of my life. I feel with you when you say:

Years later as I watch your levees break,

Dry on the screen, not just your levees break

Mine break too.

As the countdown to the trip has reached the 17 day mark, I am getting very exited. Lately it seems I have been caught up in life with pushing out my final papers, and working my way through exams, and although NOLA is approaching quickly, it  still seems like a distant prize awaiting me at the end of a hectic couple of weeks.

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate our group on the success of our fund raising! And I should say a special thanks to all of you who worked so hard to organize the events I was lucky enough to have a chance to take part in. It was a nice way to get to know some of the inspiring people that I will be traveling with. For those of you from Group One who I have not yet met, I will hopefully see you at Jack Astors this Friday evening. If you can’t make it, see you soon in NO!

Sarah Lichter