I have to be honest, after our final class, I had so many questions running through me. Really? In America? This must be a joke right? What kind of dent could we possibly make in two weeks six years after the fact?…And all I could do was just go back and forth in my mind between a state of irritation with what I saw and heard in class and a state of second guessing whether I wanted to go to New Orleans anymore. Completely out of my character, I actually entertained the thought of withdrawing from the course. Not for any other reason other than I simply felt like I was in the “BOG.”

A few years ago I set on a volunteer adventure to rural Kenya and I will never forget when one of the other volunteers mentioned that her motivation for going to Kenya that year was because she felt like she needed to get out of the BOG. Now this “BOG” feeling could mean anything to anyone. But to me, it pretty much meant a state of being inactive, passive, and uninvolved from a social justice perspective.

So while I was second guessing my involvement in this class, I was simply reminded of the bog that I was in lately and I couldn’t help but feel so stagnant in my life. Everything was so routine, with very little time or energy left for involvement in social issues. Wake up in the morning, go to school, go to work, do school work, sleep, repeat. Nothing is more nauseating to me than routine and I felt simply stuck in it.

But reading the amazing updates on the blog, being involved and hearing of various fundraising events, and seeing the passion and excitement in the group really helped me to take a stance and tell myself that going to New Orleans with a bunch of amazingly passionate people is the only way I will be able to GET OUT OF THE BOG and let me tell you nothing excites me more than the thought of moving away from stagnation towards social involvement again.

So here’s to getting out of the awful bog, and here’s to NOLA. Can’t wait to share this experience with all of you, and I can officially say with almost 2 weeks to go…..I am SUPER excited! Congrats to everyone on the amazing efforts and wishing everyone an amazing experience!

Karen Rezk